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Offering free period products to girls and women originally began as the Period Poverty scheme in 2020 as a means to ensure that those who could not afford to purchase period products were able to access them freely in public areas. Since 2020, the scheme has quickly evolved and is now more widely known as the Period Dignity scheme. As awareness of the Period Dignity scheme grows, many businesses want to support their female staff by providing free period products in the workplace.  

We receive queries from many businesses across a wide range of sectors and with varying numbers of female staff who want to support the scheme but are looking for solutions to manage this effectively. Recently we were contacted by a software company based in the UK who wanted to offer free period products in their office premises. They had found our website online and had submitted their requirements via our short online questionnaire.  

The information provided in the questionnaire helped our expert team of advisors respond quickly with a quote that was tailored to their specific requirements. This software company had twenty female employees and two female washrooms. Based on the information provided, we recommended the Minivend dispenser, a popular option for businesses of this size.  

The Minivend is installed quickly and easily in washrooms, without the need for batteries or wiring and the period products are dispensed using the levers at each side of the machine. The Minivend distributes sealed boxes of products which are hygienically packed and provide extra assurance to users or those concerned about cross contamination. Branded period products are used in the Minivend and we have a range of products available from leading brands such as Tampax, Always and Kotex.  

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