Period Products for Sports Clubs

As the Period Dignity initiative grows, the number of sectors where the scheme is implemented is growing to include all public areas including sports and leisure facilities. The Period Poverty scheme was originally set up to ensure that girls and women did not miss out on sports simply because of their period therefore ensuring period products are available in sports clubs is essential.  

We were recently contacted by a sports and leisure club based in Nottingham with outdoor pitches which were used by local schools in the area. They wanted to ensure that free period products were available to both pupils from local schools and members of the club and contacted us to ask for advice and support selecting the best solution for their needs.  

The club had three separate washrooms and changing areas including a staff only washroom. For the two public washrooms with a higher volume of traffic and higher estimated demand for products, we recommended the Freevend dispenser. This dispenser distributes loose, single period products and is an appropriate solution for busier washrooms with a higher demand for products. The Freevend has two columns, one that dispenses loose tampons and one that distributes single pads/towels. Branded period products are available for use in the dispenser, including Always Ultra Lil-lets and Kotex Ultra.  

For the staff changing room, we recommended the Minivend dispenser. This unit is suitable for washrooms with fewer users and dispenses packed period products – similar to the Freevend, it is quick to install and easy to use. Both dispensers are easily refilled and we can supply refills on a continual basis.  

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