Period Products for Schools & Universities

Since the Period Dignity scheme was first introduced in Scotland in 2020, Selfserve Period Dignity Solutions have been working closely with our partners in the washroom sector to provide bespoke solutions to manage the scheme effectively throughout schools and universities in the UK.  

We offer a variety of dispensers that are designed specifically to distribute free period products in schools. Universities and schools typically have a greater demand for period products and combined with a higher number of average users, providing a dispenser capable of holding larger quantities of products is a key factor.  

Recommended Dispenser for Schools 

The Freevend dispenses loose/single tampons and pads and users access the products from the bottom of the unit. Quickly and easily installed, the Freevend does not require batteries or wiring. The dispenser can be easily refilled simply by opening the lid at the top of the unit. Due to the higher number of products that the dispenser can hold, the machine does not need to be refilled regularly. We can supply you with regular refills of products to ensure stock is always available in the machines or due to the large quantity of stock we hold, we can supply you with bulk options in advance. (can we say how many products it hols)  

Period Products  

From our extensive experience working within the education sector on the Period Dignity scheme, we know that offering branded sanitary products that girls and women know and trust is an important consideration. We offer a range of period products from leading brands such as Tampax, Always and Kotex which can be supplied in a range of absorbencies.   

Over one million girls in the UK have struggled to afford or access period products during the pandemic *source Plan International

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