Maxivend Dispenser

The Maxivend is a larger version of the Minivend and is designed to distribute a larger amount of tampons and towels. Using the levers on each side of the machine, users can quickly and easily access period products without the need for coins or tokens. It can accommodate up to 21 packs of sanitary towels and 28 packs of tampons. All boxed products are hygienically sealed to avoid cross contamination and are a hygienic solution, providing reassurance to users.

  • Dispenses packed period products
  • Range of sanitary products available to fit including Tampax, Always, Kotex
  • Can be customised with branding/logo or instructions
  • Two columns
  • Easy to install, no batteries or wiring required
  • Ease of use for consumer




The Maxivend has 2 columns which allows you to have both tampons and towels all in the one dispenser. We have a wide range of products to choose from such as:


  • Tampax Super 
  • Tampax Organic
  • Tampax Compak
  • Lil-lets Non Applicator 


  • Always Ultra 2 Normal
  • Sanipak 
  • Kotex Maxi
  • Always Ultra 1 Normal
  • Always Organic
  • Kotex Ultra


Height: 705mm

Width: 282mm

Depth: 110mm

Weight: 12kg

Packet Quantity Right Column: 28

Packet Quantity Left Column: 21


Step 1: Hold the empty Period Product dispenser up on the wall where you would like to install your dispenser.

Step 2: Using a pencil create a mark where the holes should be drilled.

Step 3: Using a drill, begin drilling 4 holes where you have marked out on the wall.

Step 4: Insert a wall plug into each hole that has been drilled.

Step 5: Using screws, hold your dispenser up to match up with the 4 holes that you have just drilled and add the screws (make sure these are tight to prevent the dispenser falling).

Step 6: When the dispenser is secure you can now add the pads and tampons for dispensing.

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